Custom Solution

CCI can create tailor-made solutions that will make your life easier and revolutionize your business!

Custom solutions allow our clients to access information from various verticals of the business in the simplest and quickest manner possible.

Our clients are able to operate with real-time interface and database integration, where they access data from a central hub and share the data and documents between branches.

The benefit of a custom design is to increase accountability, improve reliability, streamline regulatory compliance, and avoid waste. Overall, it helps you make smart, economical, and time-saving decisions.

Case Studies:

Moving Mandatory Compliance Processes to the Web

Challenges: A large, multi-national construction firm is federally mandated to maintain a diverse workforce on its flagship project in the Washington, DC Metro area. Due to the geographic location of the project, the traditional method of installing a trailer to welcome walk-ins seeking employment was not available.

Solution: CCI was selected to develop an online process to manage job-seekers’ expressions of interest for work available on the project. CCI developed a web-portal to collect and categorize each job seeker’s experience and interest, which could be accessed from any computer with ainternet connection. Beyond that, the portal also provided a matching service to pair employers with job seekers based on certain criteria using email alerts.

Benefit: This project improved the client’s organization, outreach, and compliance process, while also decreasing costs and time spent. Reporting became automated and decreased the need for onsite management. The site also received good remarks from the Federal agency in charge of auditing the program.

This application was programmed using MySql database and PHP

Challenge: A Real Estate transaction firm is responsible for executing contracts between Agent, Co-Agent, Inspectors, and the Bank. Required information comes from multiple sources and often changes without notice.

Solution: CCI was selected to conduct an assessment and make recommendations for updated processes. Upon review of the current workflow, CCI identified key areas where work was needlessly delayed or duplicated.

Benefit: CCI created a project tracking dashboard allowing easy data entry and access to sortable, settlement date information. After implementation of the tool, capacity increased ten-fold and time spent entering and sorting data decreased by 40%.